Joanna Rajkowska..

Joanna Rajkowska

Joanna Rajkowska

"They are cutting my fing'rs"

Ewa Gorzadek and Stach Szablowski talk with Joanna Rajkowska (extracts)

I want to speak about the human being from the chemical perspective, I wish to interpret my own thought and emotional impulses in a chemical way, to bring everything down to a low common level, to remember that my thinking and feeling result from my bodily part, of the fact that some electric, chemical and biochemical impulses come across my brain. (...) The products I show as Satisfaction mean going down to the lowest of the levels, to the objects, to the things. There is no place here for awareness, for thinking, for identifying nor for personal reaction any more.
I wanted to sell myself as I really am, in 1:1 relation. And because it is clear that nobody needs what I can do best (i.e. to think in a very specific way) I decided to sell myself as cheap as I could (...).When I was producing beauty products I did not intend them to influence the user's fat. Here (...) they bring out the family relation, procreation or blood-relation.

I have discovered that there is a lot of catholicism in what I do, especially in my way of thinking, in the relation between the work and people, or between me, my work and people. (...) Catholic in the very idea of body "transformation". But while working on the project and thinking about its potential results I did not intend to sacrifice, I just wanted to provide a strong impulse for the people to think. And I wanted them to buy and pay the real money. I believe money define the value of my existence. That's the joke part, the irony in my project. I am happy I can be mistaken how much I really cost. I do exist in the economic table. It is a capitalist catholicism.

I am interested in how the market strategy acts on my way of thinking. Not just to reveal it or to reject it, that's too childish. Understanding how this strategy acts and using its language the other way round, this turns me on. The aim of this project is not the annihilation but finding a common language and communication between people.
I have this exhibitionist need, I would scream and shout about to everyone, even if s/he wouldn't listen. I do not trust psychoanalysis. I do not believe Satisfaction could ease my emotions. But, on the other hand, I would go crazy if I could not do them. Art makes you live, at least makes me live. Art is the basis of my psychic balance. I treat myself as an instrument. And I do like it. I even love it. As much as producing those bars of soap. I try to treat myself as I was treated by God - with irony. Our life and body is a joke, as it will be taken back. It ends quickly.

Atelier Nr. 121, 3/2002 Mai/Juni/Juli



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